Elmore Magazine gives us a real nice nod for Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams’ debut record release, “…and you would be making a big mistake by not buying it immediately.”


Photos by Marc Millman

From the minute that Larry Campbell walked onto the stage with his wife Teresa Williams and the band, you could sense the warmth emanating from each corner of the room. The space had been filled with what looked and felt like close friends and long time fans. Unsurprisingly, within the 50 minute duration of their performance, the artists were able to capture the hearts of every single person present.

Larry Campbell is someone you would expect to give a good show, what with his long career as a producer, musician, and singer. When he plays the strings, it looks as if he is barely touching them. However, collaborating with other artists is tricky and not all sounds are meant to blend. All of those concerns flew out the door once Teresa Williams started singing. A powerhouse with a vocal range, she used trills, riffs, and slides that made every note simply irresistible. The couple performed serenades, powerful hits, and songs that harkened to a time gone by. Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams’ self-titled album is released on June 23rd, and you would be making a big mistake by not buying it immediately.

– Avital Glibicky